Alchemy Design Recruitment have a wide variety of Interior Design clients around the world in Europe, the USA, The Middle East and Asia.

We work with many of the top UAE based interior design companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and have also placed design professionals in Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

We have worked with Interior Design Consultancies, Architectural Consultancies, Contractors and Real Estate Developers. We know that there are many different types of Interior Designer and many different specialist areas.
In Dubai, Alchemy Design Recruitment have them all covered.


We have found jobs in Dubai for:

Retail Interior Designers, Hotel Interior Designers, Office Interior Designers, High End Residential Interior Designers, Exhibition Designers, Conceptual Interior Designers, Interior Design Managers, Interior Design Directors, Interior Fit-out Project Managers, Interior Architects, Interior CAD Technicians, Interior 3D Visualisers, FF&E Designers, Branded Environment Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Business Development Managers, Lighting Designers


Working as an Interior Designer in Dubai

With tax free salaries, big ideas and even bigger budgets; Dubai is still the perfect location for creative and ambitious interior designers to work on dream projects and get richly rewarded in the process. Dubai is all about luxury, opulence and creating everything bigger, better and faster than anywhere else. This doesn't mean that the design in the region is all gold, glitz and traditional Arabic patterns. The design aesthetic in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates has matured and developed massively over the last decade and the melting pot of culture flocking to the region has infused, merged and amalgamated to produce some truly beautiful interior environments. You can see everything in Dubai from hard edged contemporary European design to Asian inspired depth and detail that wouldn't look out of place in Hong Kong, London, Paris or New York.

2016 was a bit bumpy and a slight downturn affected everywhere in the UAE region but it is 2017 and there is a renewed sense of optimism in the air as we head towards the 2020 expo. Dubai based companies are hiring again! (Take a look at this fantastic Senior Interior Designer Job posted yesterday!) New companies and brands are flocking to the emirate and previously stalled projects are back on track. The salaries may not be as astronomical as they once were but the cost of accommodation has fallen and the deposits for rental properties are now lower. If you are London based interior designer looking for job opportunities in Dubai, the AED to GBP exchange rate is very appealing at the moment! A typical Senior Interior Designer salary in Dubai of around 32000 aed per month currently works out at nearly £7000 GBP per month or £84000 GBP per annum tax free! (Source:

Alchemy Design Recruitment have found jobs in Dubai for Interior Designers and Architectural staff from the UK, the USA, Malaysia, Japan, India, the Philippines and many other countries. We have also helped many people already in the UAE region to find new positions. We are highly experienced with international relocation packages and procedures so we can also offer you expert advice on making the move to Dubai or anywhere else your career takes you....

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Information updated by Marc Wakefield on 14th of February 2017