Alchemy Design Recruitment have a wide variety of Interior Design clients around the world in Europe, the USA, The Middle East and Asia. We work with many of the top Interior Design Companies in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain and Qatar and we also have clients in Saudi Arabia. We work with Interior Design Consultancies, Architectural Consultancies, Graphic Design and Branding Consultancies as well as Contractors and Real Estate Developers. We know that there are many different types of Interior Designer and many different specialist areas. New Interior Design jobs in Qatar are being created on a daily basis and Alchemy Design Recruitment are actively seeking out these opportunities.


We can help find jobs in Qatar for:

Retail Interior Designers, Hotel Interior Designers, Office Interior Designers, High End Residential Interior Designers, Exhibition Designers, Conceptual Interior Designers, Interior Design Managers, Interior Design Directors, Interior Fit-out Project Managers, Interior Architects, Interior CAD Technicians, Interior 3D Visualisers, FF&E Designers, 3D Designers, Branded Environment Interior Designers, Creative Directors


Why look for an Interior Design Job in Qatar?

Qatar is swiftly becoming the next big Middle Eastern destination for designers looking to work on dream projects with massive budgets. Winning the bid to host the 2022 FIFA world cup has been a massive boost to Qatar's international profile and many projects have been planned on the back of it. The need for talented expatriate Interior Designer's and architectural professionals is now greater than ever. The recent downturn affected everywhere in the Middle East region but Qatar has continued growing. The tax free salaries on offer match nearby Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the cost of accommodation is very similar. Expats are describing Qatar as "like Dubai 10 years ago" and it is very much seen as more of a family affair. Qatar offers a relaxed, slower paced environment so you may want to look elsewhere if you are expecting a non-stop party atmosphere.


Finding an Interior Design Job in Qatar

Alchemy Design Recruitment are able to find jobs in Qatar for Designers, Interior Designers and Architectural staff from the UK, the USA, Malaysia, Japan, India, the Philippines and many other countries. We have also helped many people already in the region to find new jobs in Qatar. We are highly experienced with international relocation packages and procedures so we can also offer you expert advice on making the move to Qatar or anywhere else your career takes you.... Get in touch with Alchemy Design Recruitment when you are looking for your next Interior Design job in Qatar.

We will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.


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